Geek Wishlist: Critical Role Tee, Jen Bartel Print & More

Being the total geek that I am, it comes with a certain amount of fandom window shopping freakouts. I’m assuming if you’re reading this you know what I’m talking about.

That moment when a new product floats across your Instagram, Twitter, email, etc that just makes you drop everything and squeal with joy. I MUST have it! I NEED to have it!

These moments are often, and because of this, I can’t always afford to indulge in these impulses. So instead I add these must-have goodies to a list for when I do have the extra cash and want to reward myself with a pretty nerdy thing.

These are my must-have finds of the week that I’ve either bought or can’t wait to get my hands on. 💕#TakeMyMoney


Critical Role Retro Ringer T-Shirt by Team Alpha
*Bought* Yeah, I snagged this shirt the moment it went on sale because I’d seen the cast wearing them and freaked out to have one myself. As with most of the #CriticalRole merch, I knew it would sell out fast so I did a Nott and snatched one ASAP.


Jubilee Print by Jen Bartel
One of my fav artists, Jen Bartel, re-opened up her online shop for a limited time. It’s full of some incredibly gorgeous prints but this Jubilee immidiately stole my heart. ❤


Calcifer Pan Enamel Pin by Her Universe
“May all your bacon burn!”
I love Studio Ghibli, Howl’s Moving Castle and enamel pins so this was a pretty obvious geek out moment for me when I saw it. I’m trying to curb my pin impulse buying at the moment, but if this little beauty shows up at a con – it. will. happen.


Kiki’s Delivery Service Mini Backpack by Loungefly
Damn you Loungefly! I seriously can’t get enough of their adorable Fandom bags. I’ve already got a Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland bags that are my go-to’s for theme parks, cons and travel. Pretty much every time I see any of their bags I have a mini ‘must buy’ meltdown. This Kiki’s bag was no exception. Its simple design stole my heart and immediately got added to my birthday/Christmas wish list.


“Never Tell Me the Odds” Han Solo Aluminum Cuff Bracelet by Fandomonium Designs
Who doesn’t love Etsy? I mean, really. I’m a sucker for these cute quote aluminum cuff bracelets and already have a little collection building in my jewelry drawer. (They don’t tarnish and are easy to morph around different sized wrists, so win!) This one was quick to draw my attention during my latest wishful screen shopping perusal of Etsy. This was a wishlist addition immediately.

Have a favorite? Or an item you saw this week that you had a moment over? Share with me in the comments below and on Twitter @Geek_Etcetera.

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