Geek Wishlist: Tarot Deck, Neko Atsume Pins & More

Being the total geek that I am, it comes with a certain amount of fandom window shopping freakouts. I’m assuming if you’re reading this you know what I’m talking about.

That moment when a new product floats across your Instagram, Twitter, email, etc that just makes you drop everything and squeal with joy. I MUST have it! I NEED to have it!

These moments are often, and because of this, I can’t always afford to indulge in these impulses. So instead I add these must-have goodies to a list for when I do have the extra cash and want to reward myself with a pretty nerdy thing.

These are my must-have finds of the week that I’ve either bought or can’t wait to get my hands on. 💕#TakeMyMoney


Tarot Deck – Sinking Wasteland Tarot with Gold Gilt Edging and Custom Rigid Box by Pixel Occult
I’ve only just started getting into tarot and learning how to do it myself, so I’ve been hunting for my very own deck. Scrolling through Etsy I found this tarot deck by Pixel Occult and immidiately fell in love. It’s still a bit pricey for me to bite the bullet since I’m just starting out, but this deck will definitely be one I keep on my wish list when I want to take it to the next level.


Fe on PS4 by EA
I’m all about an indie platformer, so Fe is right up my gaming alley. Honestly this line alone in descreption was enough for me:
“Run, climb and glide your way through a dark Nordic forest and explore its living, breathing ecosystem filled with secrets and mystical creatures.”

Mystical creatures? Fun in-game ecosystems? A dark Nordic forest? Sold.


Burnished Spring Metal and Enamel Dice Set by Settling Geek
These little beauties popped up on my Twitter feed and I immidiately made heart eyes. I mean, they’re just soooo pretty. At $46 it’s hard for me to pull the trigger on them when I don’t have any current campaigns or games going on, but a girl can dream.


Tubbs and Friends – Neko Atsume Enamel Pins by YSB Creations
Soooo I spent a lot of time playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector. Like, A LOT of time. So much that I had to delete it off my phone just to get anything done. It was bad.

Moving on. I still love it, even if I don’t play anymore. These little kitties showed up in a search I did for something totally different and needless to say I need them all. Now.


Project Alpha by Nerdist + Geek & Sundry
Seriously Project Alpha has taken over as my main source of TV. If you’re a nerd and love books, comics, gaming, D&D, RPGs and generally all things nerd then why haven’t you already signed up? It’s only $5 a month and Critical Role alone is worth the price. You’re welcome. 😉

Have a favorite? Or an item you saw this week that you had a moment over? Share with me in the comments below and on Twitter @Geek_Etcetera.

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